May 2, 2010

Lady Melbourne

Hailing from her namesake city, Lady Melbourne (aka Phoebe Montague) is a renowned fashion blogger who showcases ladylike style and glamour in a modern way. Refined. Elegant. Captivating. Lady Melbourne has a refreshing approach to fashion and beauty that is making us look twice.

We recently caught up with Lady Melbourne to find out which beauty trends are currently capturing her attention, here's what she said;

BLOOM: Tell us, what do you find most amazing about Melbourne Fashion and did this spark your Blog - Lady Melbourne?
LM (Lady Melbourne): 'Melbourne fashion is amazing in so many ways, I never seem to be short of content for my blog. You can walk down Flinders Lane any day of the week and see the most innovative but relaxed fashion and that's just the people on the street. I wanted to showcase the unique shops, designers, and people from Melbourne and that's really how Lady Melbourne was born.

BLOOM: We've seen some pretty beaut things happen to you through Lady Melbourne but in your own words, what's your best achievement?
LM: To date one of the biggest achievements would have to be landing on the cover of Peppermint magazine. Being the first Australian blogger to ever land on the cover of a fashion magazine surpassed any dreams I had for the blog when it began 4 years ago.

BLOOM: Lastly, what's your number one beauty tip?
LM: I am often asked if I photoshop my photos because people seem to like the editorial style makeup and hair I present on the blog. I don't (which makes it a nice compliment!) but I do work hard at keeping my skin well looked after, my hair well groomed and my nails done. My number one beauty tip would have to be split in two- get plenty of sleep and drink loads of water!'

- Lady Melbourne
Thanks Lady Melbourne for the chat, it's always a pleasure!


♥akisa♥ said...

wow no photoshop!! impressive.

taylah_ said...

i just clicked to this blog from the email newsletter. I previously diod not know that it existed and I'm so glad I have found it!
anyways, what really drew me to it was that I saw Phoebe Montague in Peppermint. And with Bloom, LM , and Peppermint all being in the same newsletter i knew it had to be a winner!
I will now be following your blog for sure!
Taylah xx