Nov 3, 2010

Enchanting Shadows

Mirka Mora's whimsical yet sophisticated approach to life and art has had a significant and enduring influence on Natalie Bloom both on a personal and creative level. Natalie was lucky enough to work as one of Mirka's assistants as she recently painted the windows of the sunroom at Heidi I, as part of the current must-see exhibition titled MIRKA showing at Heide Museum of Modern Art until May 1 2011. The highlights are the endearing, personal messages that feature on some of the works which were given as gifts to the Reeds during the course of their lasting friendship and the enchanting shadows her works on the window cast on the floor when the sun shines! Don't miss it!

1 comment:

handmade romance said...

amazing!! love the happiness on mirka's face in the second pic as she is painteing - so lovely. i can not wait to see this in person x