Oct 3, 2011

Belle de Jour - Behind the Scenes

Model Emily G and International Makeup Artist April Greaves

Emily G was fresh off a plane from the Greek Islands, jetlagged and still looking amazing - some things just aren't fair!

Pretty blooms to get us in the Spring mood

Stylist Alex Zabotto-Bentley

International Makeup Artist April Greaves and Natalie Bloom

Emily G being transformed into our 1960's French muse, actress Catherine Deneuve

Organised chaos!

Emily G giving our Organic Body Lotion a little plug

Belle de Jour is all about the 1960's contoured eye, made fresh and wearable!

Emily G works it for the camera

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the 'A Team' for our Belle de Jour colour collection campaign shoot. Not only did New York-based international makeup artist April Greaves design the collection, she also flew to Melbourne from the Big Apple especially for the shoot! We had photographer extraordinaire Marnie Haddad behind the camera lens, Andrew Gough had all digital operations covered on the day and gorgeous model Emily G from Vivien's Model Management worked her best 1960's film starlet impersonation Superstar stylist Alex Zabotto-Bentley even popped in to lend a hand!

We're pretty chuffed with the results, we think the A Team nailed Catherine Deneuve's sophisticated 1960's chic to perfection!


mary clay said...

i think emily g. is gorgeous! and i always love pics of makeup all laid out!

raelene graham said...

I like the picture of Emily G and the makeup artist,Emily looks fantastic and the makeup artist looks very proud of her work!

Anonymous said...

Nothing screams work bench like 'organised chaos'!

Shambrine said...

"Emily G was fresh off a plane from the Greek Islands, jetlagged and still looking amazing - some things just aren't fair!"

Wow I wish I could look like that jet lagged! She obviously loves what she does. Everything is organised! It's a lovely photo :)

Shambrine Logaraj

Laura Bainbridge said...

I love the pic of April and Natalie smiling for the camera they look so beautiful and very natural!

reet57 said...

The shot of Emily G and the pretty blooms is an unusual side/rear shot that captured my eye immediately!

Dave Velasco said...

Well, I simply love Emily G and her gorgeous looks. I hope we can somewhat make a resemblance of her beloved make-up on her face along with my kentucky cosmetology license team.

Rebecca singleton said...

Rebecca singleton

Love all the pics I must say Emily is just beautiful love her in all that lace very feminine and sexy very retro love in particular the photo of Emily with the stylist Alex good to see you can both have a bit of fun on the job too "giggles" xox Beck

Lorraine Johnson graeraine1@bigpond.com said...

I love the photo of Stylist Alex Zabotto-Bentley and Emily G. It shows two people having fun 'at work'...enjoying their craft!! Beautiful and natural.



karinna lucey said...

I really like Pretty Blooms to get you in the spring mood because it is pretty, fresh and a spring like photograph. Perfect for Bloom!