Jun 26, 2012

In My Makeup Bag: Lucy Feagins, The Design Files

Lucy Feagins, the clever gal behind The Design Files, recently stopped by to shoot a feature on Natalie's stylish abode. While she was there we turned the tables and put Lucy under the spotlight so that we could find out what's in her makeup bag!

What's the one beauty item you absolutely can't live without?
Under eye concealer to brighten the shadows beneath my sleepy eyes! Bloggers are notorious night-owls and I rarely go to bed before 2:00am.

What's your top beauty tip?
Buy the expensive brushes! Applying makeup with a quality brush always looks 1,000 times better than when you use your fingers or a cheap applicator. I know it seems like an indulgence, but a good makeup brush can make such a difference to the finish of your makeup.

You can see The Design Files' beautiful profile of Natalie's family home here.

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