Mar 6, 2013

Mad about Maira

Rachelle Unreich’s recent article on Maira Kalman in Dumbo Feather took me on a nostalgic journey. I have followed Maira Kalman for two decades, eating up her words and illustrations.
Maira Kalman on the cover of Dumbo Feather - First Quarter 2013 | Issue 34

It's worth getting your mitts on a copy and reading it word for word. It's a truly inspiring interview.

I first discovered MK via her late husband Tibor Kalman. I had just finished a Bachelor of Visual Communications at R.M.I.T and was totally obsessed with graphic design. I was in design heaven, drooling over the catalogues he designed for Benetton called Colors. I went to NY in my early 20's and made a time to visit his studio M&Co (because that's what you do when you're naive and wide-eyed in your early 20's). 

Over the last two decades I've collected nearly all books (written or illustrated) by Maira Kalman. Here's a snapshot of my collection

One of my favourites, written by Michael Poolan and illustrated by MK, this book combines my two loves..illustration and health food.

This article on Maira Kalman appeared in W Magazine in 2005. Her words about the loss of her husband resonated with me in my own times of sadness.

Rachelle and I have always shared a love for Maira and I know I will read her soulful article over and over to remind me that fulfillment comes from engaging in something you love doing.

Rachelle asked Maira "Do you feel like you are always working?" to which Maira responds: "I'm always working in the sense that I'm always collecting...there's no separation between my life and my work. I'm aware that everything I'm looking at may be something that inspires me". That really resonated with me.

Thanks Rachelle and thanks Maira for being an inspiration to me.

Check out Maira Kalman in her Ted talk: The Illustrated Woman (below) or have a look at this and this.

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