Jun 2, 2010

DIY Pinboards

Pinboards are our way of reminding us of the journey we have taken. They are simply the most beautiful form of communication without words.

Our pinboards embody many of our memories at a glance: a touchable, tactile album of imagination. They showcase moments in time captured and hung like art from the heart. We collect everything and anything because we have loved it at some point and know that it will always inspire us in some way.

Okay, a couple of things to collect that will get you started; labels, colour swatches, ribbons, buttons, photos, stickers, postcards, business cards, food labels, fabric, origami paper, frames, jewellery, doilies, little cushions, confectionary wrappers, magazine pages, chocolate boxes, hairpins, concert tickets, swing tags, shopping bags or maybe a gallery invitation.

Tools; a canvas, foam core or framed board....whatever you heart desires really! Some pins or tacs - we prefer white thumb tacs, so they all match!

Well that's about it from us so what are you waiting for get your pinboard going!

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